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1. The District will create and implement a formal employee exit interview

a. The process will be worked upon by the Continuous School Improvement Committee (CSIC) and will be brought forth to the School Board in the spring of 2017.


2. Increase student comfort and ability in the area of communication in the areas of writing and public speaking.

a. Public Speaking: Each 9-12 student will be given the opportunity to conduct morning announcements or game time announcements throughout the year.

b. Writing: Students will focus on writing and using content language. This will be measured by the yearly ACT test.  For the first year the District will be looking for a growth of .2 on the writing section of the ACT test.


3. Help continue to improve the “Pride factor” for the school and District

a. Continue improving the look and care of the school facilities. Two (2) projects: Rejuvenation of the stage and theatrical equipment through donations and visual displays of student work throughout the building will be completed by spring 2016.

b. Promote positive staff interactions. Planning and preparation will be done by the CSIC and PBIS teams.




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