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Hey, I'm Mrs. Collins


I work with students who love to play games, crave movement, are totally into competitiveness, and are totally ready for a daily challenge.


I give them tools to get more physical activity, while making it feel like a challenge and also enjoyable.


I graduated from UW-Platteville with a degree in Physical Education, Health Education, and  Adaptive Physical Education.  While in college, I was part of the Dance Team, Intramural sports, and Health & PE Club.


I've got my Master's degree from UW-LaCrosse in Professional Learning Communities.


And when I'm not teaching and planning,

I can be found going on adventures with my husband and kids, cooking/baking new concoctions, or pretend that I am a good and useful helper on the farm.


If you're dying to know more,

here are a few thing you don't know about me...or Did you know?  I love to go hunting abut could never field dress an animal.  Mice and snakes scare the shamrocks out of me.  I have traveled to six different countries, and look forward to many more.


608.875.5311 ext. 232



University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

Masters in Professional Learning Communities


University of Wisconsin–Platteville

Physical Education, Health Education, Adaptive Physical Education


School District

301 East Main Street

Wauzeka, Wisconsin  53826

Phone 608.875.5311

Fax  608.875.5100


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