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A little about me:

     Hello! I am Stephanie Cooper, the general music teacher and band director here at Wauzeka-Steuben. I am from Richland Center, WI, and received my Associates Degree from UW Richland. I then transferred to UW Platteville to complete my Bachelors Degree in instrumental and general music education. I love southwest Wisconsin and am excited to be living and working in such a beautiful part of the state with such a welcoming community!


Why music?

     I am a strong believer in the importance of music education for every student. Music is an integral part of our society, and I share the belief that every person should be able to go through life partaking in music-related experiences, whether that be singing along with the National Anthem at a basketball game or simply moving in time with the music on the radio. It is music we turn to, not as Midwesterners or even Americans, but as humans, to express our deepest emotions. In a society that is constantly looking for the "right" answer, music teaches that there is often more than one correct answer, and that, in fact, the possibilities can be endless. Music ensembles teach valuable lessons including working with others and learning how to blend with them in some areas but shine as a solo in others.

     More importantly, music ensembles teach responsibility; in an ensemble your effort affects the entire group and your absence hurts everyone. Your peers rely upon you to be in your place with your work done.


I look forward to sharing the gift of music with students each day!



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