• Students grades 4K-5 share one floor of our building.
  • Core subject classes along with computer technology,vocal music, instrumental music, art, and physical education classes offered to all K-5 elementary classes.
  • Response to Intervention team (RTI) works diligently to offer all students in our district academic support when struggling as well as academic support when possibility of advancement is evident.
  • Family oriented staff and supports given to all students under one roof.
  • Students have teachers who are digitally fluent, all having access in their classrooms to digital devices that connect them to the world and countless quality learning experiences.


  • Students grades 6-12 share one floor of our building on the top floor with a breathtaking view of the Wisconsin River.
  • Students have unlimited access to all current and past teachers for support in life/subject matters and overall educational experiences.
  • Students grades 9-12 open campus lunch period
  • Student access to athletic training and and academic and athletic support before and after school.
  • Students have access to a wide array of digital devices connected to the world.
  • Core subject area classes including Advanced Placement (AP) courses for grades 9-12 along with Art. Physical Education, Strength and Conditioning, Theatre/Drama, Choral, Band, Business Education Courses, Technical Education Courses, Student Aide, Work Study, and unlimited opportunity to explore post high school options.


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