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I began working at Wauzeka-Steuben in the fall of 2014. Prior to joining the district, I spent eight years as an area school counselor and two additional years as a therapist at a residential treatment facility.  As the K-12 guidance counselor, my goal is to provide parents, students, and staff with the services, resources, and support they need to succeed.


Wauzeka-Steuben School Counseling

Public education is changing and Wisconsin School Counseling Programs are changing with it.  Below is an excerpt from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction explaining the vision of the New Wisconsin Comprehensive Guidance Model.


Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's Overview of School Counseling Programs

The ultimate goal of a comprehensive school counseling program is student success. The program's design, delivery, and content are dedicated to enhancing the ability of all students to fully utilize the educational opportunities available to them. The PreK-12 program is delivered through direct and indirect services designed to address three domains of student development: academic, personal/social, and career.


Comprehensive school counseling programs are integral to the school's educational environment and partner with other academic and behavioral initiatives to effect positive changes in student achievement and behavior. Professional school counselors plan the comprehensive school counseling program and facilitate its delivery in collaboration with school administrators, other professional educators, and community members to produce measurable results. In a comprehensive program, the school counselor serves as a leader, advocate, and collaborator working to recognize and remove systemic barriers to student success. Resulting positive changes include increased student achievement, an improved graduation rate, better attendance, reduced disciplinary referrals, completed individual learning plans, and increased student participation in the community.

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University of Wisconsin–Platteville

Master of Science–Counselor


May 2004, University of Wisconsin–Platteville

Bachelor of Science–Psychology May 2002


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